3Design V.9 Jewelry CAD Software by Type3

3DESIGN is the most innovative 3D Jewelry CAD software solution on the market and is aimed to jewelry creators and manufacturers, watchmakers, accessory designers or artisan jewelers. 3DESIGN allows you to design your jewelry models in 3D, present them, validate them, sell them and produce them.


Product Description

Effective, intuitive and complete, its innovative functions and professional tools make 3DESIGN CAD the most adapted and effective solution to improve your design and production methods:

  • A historic construction tree and unique associative/parametric tecbnology on the market: easily create your pieces and ranges. Modify them at any stage, even days later, without having to restart your creation.
  • A clear and intuitive interface: it allows fast learning of 3DESIGN CAD and the production of unique pieces in less time.
  • Works on Mac and PC platforms
  • From 2D to 3D: In just a few clicks go from 2D (sketch, photo, etc) to the producton of your object in 3D
  • A library of varied objects: let your imagination run wild and create all sorts of original pieces. Bring your library to life, enrich it with your own creations. A library of Swarovski elements is also integrated.
  • A 3D visualization and animation module: highlight and present your pieces thanks to photo realistic rendering.
  • Multiple file import and export options (you can create pieces in other “mechanical” CAD software and import them in 3DESIGN to use the professional jeweling features for example). Or you can export your creation in STL or STEP/IGES (among others) for production.

3DESIGN highlights your creativity!

Whatever your strategy, our features allow you to construct your models:

  • Create a sketch with the dedicated “Draft Kit” module
  • Use numerous “professional assistants” to create your ring bodies, stones, jewelling and cut-outs, honeycomb, sizing, etc
  • Use the catalogue of components and assemble them to create new pieces
  • Import your 3D files and continue modelling in 3DESIGN (or 3SHAPER)
  • Create and customise your own stone, metal, weight, plating, cost reports

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