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Jewelry CAD Dream V.13

Powerful, robust, all-in-one jewelry design solution.

Jewelry CAD Dream V.13 combines a superfast high-end hybrid modeling engine with direct modeling, a plethora of jewelry CAD tools, along with high level history based modeling, bringing you the most powerful tools in the jewelry CAD industry. Working in Jewelry CAD Dream you have all of this at your fingertips, in tandem with ultra realistic renderings and animations to showcase your work.


Product Description

Work Better With CAD

Incorporating CAD into your jewelry process has never been a better choice. With serious technological advances you can save time, increase efficiency and design more intricate pieces than ever before possible. With Jewelry CAD Dream V.13, the only limit is your imagination.

Ultimate Customer Experience

Using CAD allows you to fully design and test a piece before the need for any kind of manufacture process. Not only does this save significant costs, but with the use of rendering and animation, it also allows you to present your customers with a truly unique shopping experience.

The Best Choice

Jewelry CAD Dream V.13 is the best choice you can make. This is because it is exclusively built on the most advanced modeling engine in the jewelry CAD market. This gives you the freedom to create and customize with zero boundaries, more so than any other competing software.

Since CAD has arrived in the jewelry industry, the design software available to the general market has been dominated by low end modeling engines. Many of these low level engines have jewelry plugins that charge high end prices. These programs can get the job done, but at a major loss for time. They lack the tools that midrange and high level modelers have. Yes, they have jewelry tools and builders, but the bottom line fact is that the designer/modeler will have to deal with the functionality of their CAD engine regardless of the tools and builders when making most designs. Jewelry Cad Cam Masters partnered with ZWsoft, one of the largest CAD developers. Having a 400+ strong workforce, ZWsoft is dedicated exclusively to the CAD industry with major clients like Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Carrefour and Saint-Gobain, bringing you the latest in technology with 20+ years of industry innovation. Together, we present to you Jewelry CAD Dream, professional jewelry CAD software. Whether you are a hobbyist, professional jewelry designer or a high volume manufacturer, Jewelry CAD Dream was created with you in mind.

Full History

JCD V.13 comes equipped with a fully associative, dynamic history; allowing for complete customization through each step of your design build. Many other – more expensive – software programs do not offer such a well developed history, which can lead to a lot of time wasted on recreating parts of your build.

Organic Designing

Use the extensive morphing tools and direct editing features to create flowing and organic shapes. Wrap, pattern, inlay, bend and emboss to set your work apart from the rest.

Gemstone Tools

JCD V.13 has a very large range of pavé specific tools, from Baguette arrays to Jelly Pavé surfaces to Multiple Row Pavé. With huge variety, you will take pleasure in the ease of creating beautiful, original, gem encrusted jewelry pieces.

Pavé Tools

JCD V.13 has a very large range of pavé specific tools, from Baguette arrays to Jelly Pavé surfaces to Multiple Row Pavé. With huge variety, you will take pleasure in the ease of creating beautiful, original, gem encrusted jewelry pieces.

Setting Tools

With a selection of easy-to-use setting tools, JCD V.13 let’s you easily set your gemstones in a variety of ways. From bezels to wire settings to prongs and more, find the setting you want and then play around with its parameters to get exactly what you had in mind.

Cutter tools

JCD V.13’s range of cutting tools make life easy not only for the designer, but for the bench jeweler as well. Make the cuts you need in the software, from Micro Pavé Scallops to Azure Cutters to Honeycomb Cutters; setting has never been easier.


JCD V.13 includes a fast live render so you can visualize your piece at any point during the design process to ensure your concept is coming to fruition. And get the Thea Render add-on for superb, ultra-realistic visuals.

Printer Ready

The end goal of design is manufacture. JCD V.13 gives you all the tools necessary to take your designs through effective production. Easily export your designs as STL files to have them seamlessly printed, either by yourself or by a service bureau of your choosing.

And Much More…!

Rendering Props, Ring Sizing, Milgrain, Chain Tool, Jump Rings, Pendant Bails, Braided Ring, Pierce Work, Textures, Materials, Heal Tools, Halo Creator, V-Cuts, Sprue Creator, Drawing Sheet, Bill of Materials, Sketching, Celtic Knot, Stone & Metal Weights…


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