U-Marq GEM-ZX5 Jewelry Engraving Machine

U-Marq GEM-ZX5 Engraving Machine

The GEM-ZX5 is the next step in the range of affordable engraving machines from U-MARQ. Ring Engraving With its inside and outside ring engraving capacity of 12 to 28 mm, makes this the ideal retail dedicated ring engraver. The bonus for purchasers of the GEM-ZX5 is a modular design allows you to add accessories to bring greater versatility to your investment.


Product Description

Pen Engraving

By adding the Pen Attachment you can turn your GEM-ZX5 into the complete Pen Engraver. with the capacity to engrave 360° around most engravable pens.

Cylindrical Glass and Small Cup Attachment

This will enable you to hold shot glasses, small champagne glasses, wine glasses and numerous other small cylindrical objects up to 58 mm diameter x 175 mm long and engrave them on your U-MARQ GEM-ZX5. The supplied GEM-ZX 8 software has been configured to make all these normally complicated task, ease for the ordinary retailer or their staff to use to get spectacular results.

Note: The Pen Attachment must be purchased before the Cylindrical Glass and Small Cup Attachment can be fitted.

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